You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means.    – Inigo Montoya

The Nutmeat is not going on the bar-b-que, even though it sounds delicious.  Nor is it a 5th grade euphemism.  Nutmeat is the only word I think I’ve ever truly loved.  Nutmeat is direct, yes meaty, communication and the opposite of any and all weather related banter.  It is not to be confused with the overshare.  Read:  Nutmeat is what’s left when small talk dies.  It was coined by the master of directness, Stephen Colbert, and has been a part of my vocabulary ever since.   Stephen describes Nutmeat on his hand crafted site Wikiality as this:

Nutmeat is the essence of any and all situations. It is the most basic part of anything in life. People are encouraged to try to find their “inner nutmeat” by grabbing life by the balls and never letting go. Sometimes, the nutmeat can get clogged or blocked by feces. So, in order to “get to the nutmeat” of something, one must first “cut the crap.”

Word.  Get to the point.  Surprise me.  But please don’t ask me how my weekend was unless you really want to know that I cleaned the bathroom, wasted 3 hours online and over-thought my own mortality.  That’s the Nutmeat.

As for me, by day I’m a serious working married mother of two.  By night I’m a writing, sarcastic, introspective, drinking, married mother of two.

I try to keep the two separate.

And I lied about the bathroom.

Talk to me directly at thenutmeat@yahoo.com

One thought on “About

  1. Tish Yon says:

    I have never said “we’re not worthy” and meant it.
    Spoiler alert: I often over exaggerate appreciation to make people feel good.
    Well, let the record read: On this day, I said it and meant it.
    We are not worthy.
    Really. You have just been batting us around in the dirt. Tolerating our small minded attempts at humor, all the while crafting your award- worthy comedic introspection.
    Bring it. I think I am in love.

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